data scientists and journalists meet to create timely and rigorous data journalism

"Great people and an interesting forum for discussing how to have an impact on important yet underreported social issues" - DJDC members survey

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What we are proud of:

MEETUP #21 explored the role of data in Lebanon's last elections with Marc Farra, who shared his hands-on experience building a data and communication infrastructure for a political party in the recent Parliamentary elections in the country of Lebanon

MEETUP #20 looked at how journalists can create charts at scale, with Leo Xavier, an entrepreneur who spent the last 20 years bringing together design, technology and media and the founder of Frames, a tool bringing charts to all news articles for newsrooms and journalists.

MEETUP #19 was on the global organization of social media manipulation. Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, Professor Philip Howard explored
 the latest challenges to democracy and offer ideas as to how truth and trust can be reintroduced into public life.

MEETUP #18 was on doing your own data collection where research is lacking.
Journalist and social scientist Lily Casura discussed her research on female veteran homelessness.

We bring together data scientists and journalists to create timely and rigorous data journalism.

We began as a way to connect the local participants in the Knight Center's Python for Data Journalists: Analyzing Money in Politics MOOC last June and continued as a community to get to know more people interested in data journalism around DC, and now worldwide, and produce consequential data journalism that helps identify the scale of an issue of importance to our times or has the potential of influencing policy. To this end, the group will actively explore avenues for publishing project outcomes.

Stories we produce are published on our website, and publication on Medium

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