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What CFPB Complaint Data Says About Trump Voters - datajournalism - Medium

A Data Analysis Of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Complaints From 2016 In November, Mick Mulvaney was appointed Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. While Mulvaney has stated he will use his time as bureau director to protect Americans from "burdensome regulations," many supporters of the CFPB see his mission there as neutering and dismantling the agency.

Little Haiti: The data behind Haitians taking refuge in Tijuana in the age of Trump

A couple weeks ago, my colleage Baur Safi posted an article about a recent phenomenon of Haitians who had sought asylum in the US and received Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Despite having legal status and the ability to work in the US, many in the Haitian community were fleeing to Canada and overwhelming the humanitarian shelters there.

Twice An Asylum Seeker. Why Are So Many People Illegally Crossing Into Canada?

Stories about people fleeing from the United States to Canada have made the headline news in the past few months. You can read more on the subject ( here and here). We, at the Data Journalism Meetup in Washington, DC decided to follow up on this topic and seeking your input and may be a personal story to share if it has affected your life.